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The mission of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) is to transform cardiovascular care and to improve heart health for patients throughout the world.  The ACC strives to achieve its enduring purpose through its initiatives in education, research, quality care improvement and health policy.  The ACC is an experienced education provider with a proven track record of designing and implementing activities and programs that facilitate knowledge transfer, sustain a wide reach, and produce a measurable impact on the behavior of health care professionals and patients.  In addition, the ACC’s global network makes it an unparalleled purveyor of global thought leadership in cardiovascular health and guidelines of care.

Healthcare is a topic that has no borders, and the ACC is committed to improving cardiovascular health around the world through collaboration, knowledge exchange and resource sharing.  ACC’s commitment to improving global cardiovascular health is driven through targeted, localized initiatives, in partnership with leading cardiovascular societies around the world. This has been achieved through the development of International Chapters.  Starting in 2009, ACC has been affiliating with leading cardiovascular societies around the world through these Chapters.  The Chapters receive benefits from ACC such as joint sessions at major congresses, FIT membership, discounts on ACC activities, and opportunities to participate in ACC’s annual scientific sessions and other regional meetings.  In exchange, these societies help to promote ACC to their local membership.  Today, the ACC has 40 international Chapters and over 17,000 members outside the United States.

The ACC has a proud history of engagement with cardiologists both inside and outside of the USA that dates back to its founding.  In recent years, the ACC has continued to see 40% of attendance at the Scientific Sessions coming from outside of the United States. While recognizing the success of the Annual Meetings, many trends, including changing regulatory frameworks and increased global education, mean that ACC’s future strategy will need to rely on reaching clinicians where they live and practice through a variety of innovative and cost-sensitive platforms. The ACC is developing a proactive and forward-thinking strategy to meet the needs of this shifting global landscape using the conveniences of modern technology and customized educational interventions for our global audiences.

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The Colombian Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery


To consolidate an organization of health and related professionals in the cardiovascular area, with high human and scientific qualities, committed to permanent excellence, through continuous medical education, updated, quality and in a sustainable manner. This should be directed to medical specialists, primary care physicians and other health professionals, impacting on the improvement of the health conditions of the country, working together with the state health agencies.


Continue to be the leading cardiovascular medical education society in Colombia and generate an impact on the public health of cardiovascular diseases, stimulating the active participation of its members.

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